Bench Warrant Issued Against Tyga After He No Shows Injured Fan Court Date

Tyga might not wanted to get caught speeding because he might end up in jail, after failing to appear for court in a case that goes back years … because the judge issued a bench warrant against him.

According to TMZ … said bench warrant was issued for the rapper’s arrest because he has yet to pay the money he owes to a concertgoer who got injured at one of his shows more than 6 years ago, and missed a hearing to deal with it.

Tyga was allegedly served properly for an order to appear but didn’t do it, so the judge wants him picked up and set his bail at $250k.

The warrant stems from his music company being sued years ago by Shyanne Riekena, who won judgment against it for injuries sustained when a light stand came crashing down on her, leaving a 4-inch gash on the top of her head.

Shyanne sued in 2015 and was awarded about $235k, but that amount swelled with interest to around $250k in 2017.

Even after all these years, Tyga still hasn’t squared up and missed the hearing about his debt … so now he’s in more trouble. He also did the same thing in this case last year.

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