Trap Kitchen Cookout Tour Coming to SXSW

The famed Chefs Spank and News will be bringing the illustrious Trap Kitchen to multiple cities, including Austin, TX for SXSW for an event of food, music, and love.

During SXSW Music Fest, Trap Kitchen is teaming up with Mixi and Native for an exclusive Un-Official Day Party on March 14th with performances from Nef The Pharoah, OMB Peezy, Jay Worthy, Shootergang KONY, Lil Meech BMF, FliBoiMoe, S.Loyal, Da Bully, James Too Cold, and more.

The Trap Kitchen Cookout Tour was created to make stops and bring the creative and delicious cuisine of The Trap Kitchen to cities that have been begging for the chance to experience the tasty delights of The Trap Kitchen.

The Cookout Tour features an assortment of delicious menu items from The Trap Kitchen.  Dinner is served buffet style and features some of The Trap Kitchen favorites.  One of the main goals of The Trap Kitchen is to “Feed The World.”

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Tour dates are below:

MAR 6 – The Mad Frog – Cincinnati, OH
MAR 8 – Prospect House – Cleveland, OH
MAR 10 – Queens Bar – Detroit, MI
MAR 11 – Brooklyn Street Local – Detroit, MI
MAR 12 – Brooklyn Street Local – Detroit, MI
MAR 14 – Native @ Mixi Haus – Austin, TX
MAR 15 – Austin, TX – Pineapple Bowl Pickup
MAR 16 – Austin, TX – Pineapple Bowl Pickup

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