Blueface Covers The FADER’s “Spring Style” Issue

G L Askew II/The FADER

Upstart L.A. rapper Blueface covers The FADER’s “Spring Style” issue. Senior editor at The FADER Ben Dandridge-Lemco speaks to 22-year-old L.A. rapper and viral star just as his hit Thotiana jumps up Billboard’s Hot 100.

In the story they discuss how Blueface went from sought-after quarterback to star rapper with the help of a chance recording session, public criticisms about lyricism and offbeat flow, and his plans for growing his fame.

Read the cover story here, and check out excerpts below

Blueface on his calculated career moves: 
 “If I told you I had the blueprint, would you believe me? From the first song I made to the song I recorded last week. When I started doing the music shit, it wasn’t like I was just winging it. Everything I did was calculated.”
On his video for “Deadlocs”:
“I don’t even like watching that video no more. It’s annoying watching me act like that. It’s Blueface times ten. I always try to do me times ten ‘cause you ain’t got too much time to really get to know me.”
On growing up and keeping to himself: 
“I’d go to practice and go home. I ain’t have no friends, I was anti-social. It was like, you know of me but you don’t know me. It’s still that way. I like it that way.”
On beginning his rap career as a stay-at-home father: 
“I would be at home with my son, write lyrics, rap on the Gram, come up with ideas. When he get tired of me, I get tired of him, I had time to come up with shit.”
On his lyrics and criticisms: 
“If I would’ve said, ‘Mop the floor and catch him slippin’” that bar would not be talked about. It’s the ‘Hide the wet sign.’ I can’t take that factor out of the music or it wouldn’t be me.”
“I’d rather you be stiff with a stuck look on your face than just bopping, not even listening to what a nigga saying. He could be saying, ‘Monkey, cow, pussy, ass.’ I’m the opposite, I want you to hear me. And some people say I’m not a lyrical rapper.”
On the viral “Bustdown” dance:
“I adopted the dance. I might not be the biological parent but that’s my kid.”
On his career and the internet’s connection to the industry: 
“The whole objective in this shit is to be a meme. That’s what this industry is based off of: a bunch of mouths moving, gums popping, no matter good or bad. If the outcome is money, how could it be bad?“

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