Usher, Rich The Kid, & Entourages Robbed in Studio

UsherRich The Kid, and their entourage members were attacked Tuesday afternoon in broad daylight at a West Hollywood recording studio.

TMZ reports that multiple shots were fired — possibly as many as 10 — during the incident at Westlake Recording Studio. The man who let “them things” go was running away from the studio when he started shooting behind him.

Usher was in the studio, but fortunately not hurt. Rich was outside when it all went down, and it appears he was the target of the robbery. Multiple entourage members were also attacked, and at least one bodyguard was badly pistol whipped.

L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies are swarming the studio and surrounding blocks right now, searching for suspects and collecting evidence.  It’s unclear if anyone was hit when the shots were fired, but we’re told the suspect or suspects made off with a ton of cash and jewelry. 

4 hours later Rich the Kid posted on social media of himself flaunting stacks of cash while standing in front of a Lambo. Coincidentally, he captioned it, “For motivational purposes only.” 

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