the9elements Presents: “The Whole 9” w/ Geedomane

The Whole 9 returns and this time we talk with up and coming Chicago artist Geedomane. He recently released a music video for his cut Afraid, the league single off his debut EP Vanquish, a project he also self-produced. Check out the interview below, and for more hit him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

the9elements: What’s the number one thing you want people to know about Geedomane?

Geedomane: The number one thing I would want people to know about Geedomane is that it’s okay to have emotions and express your feelings. I feel like a lot of what is out now is teaching people to always act like things always perfect or to hide away a negative feeling.

I hope with my music, people can find something to relate to and help spread the message that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. I am human like everyone else and music is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Without music I don’t know where I would be or how I would deal with anything going on in my life.

Music has helped more than and has always been there for me when no one else was. I try to convey that message as much as I can with my music. 

T9E: Chicago has always been a fertile music scene. How do you feel about the place it’s in right now?

G: Chicago has always been a fertile scene and I think right now it is even more fertile than ever. Granted, with the help of the internet, it is easier to find artists in your area but being involved in the scene, one can find a new artist from Chicago every day making their own moves. Going to rap shows in the area has proven to me time and time again that everyone is up to something; it’s a sight to see.

Just the other day I came across an article showcasing some of the best projects out of Chicago and I discovered a whole ton of artists that I had no idea are even from the city. I have high hopes for everything and everyone coming out of Chicago right now. 

T9E: What would it take for you to sign a record deal?

G: Oh man, to sign a deal? It would definitely take a lot. I don’t have too many plans on signing anytime soon because I love the independent grind, but I suppose to start off it would take a very large advance, creative control, at least part ownership of the masters/pub, and the option to opt out of the contract after an agreed upon amount of time.

I know to some, those terms might sound unrealistic because there are a lot of 360 deals going around, but I’m firm with what I want and I know I won’t settle for less. 

T9E: You are also a photographer. How do you feel your photography and music compare and contrast to one another?

G: My photography and music are more similar than they are apart I feel like. The both definitely feed off of whatever vibe I’m feeling at the time of creation. Like I know if I’m feeling down or what not, I get some darker feeling photos just as much as I would have darker feeling/mellow music. Or on the contrary, if I’m feeling good and just ready to take on the day, I’ve noticed that also reflects a lot on my photos and music; the photos will be very warm and happy feeling and my music might want to be more upbeat.

I feel there is not too much contrast in between the two though, I find both forms of art to be a very personal experience. The only contrast I feel I might have with photography compared to music is my approach. I feel that with my photos I enjoy the more candid experience where as in music I don’t. Like with photography, I’ve taken my best photos when I just carry my camera around somewhere not knowing exactly where I’m going and kind of live in the moment and just shoot somewhere/someone unexpectedly and it always turns out great.

With music it’s almost the opposite approach, I always make sure I know exactly what song I want to do, how I’m going to do it, the lyrics are already written out for the most part, etc. I take pride in being the most prepared I can with music. Other than that, the both are great art forms that I am happy to take a part in. 

T9E: Do you think you gain the majority of your fans from performing or online activity? Why do you think this is?

G: At the moment, I gain the majority of fans from online activity. My music as Geedomane has not been too active on the performance scene. I often attend the concerts and have built somewhat of a network and made friends, but on the performance side, I have not been the most active.

I have a very specific vision when it comes to performing my songs live, so I’m working out all those details before I get on the scene at a very active level. I’m looking forward to gaining fans from performing though, it is something that I would really like to do and have seen friends gain a solid fan base from performing.

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