Dezo Williams – The Bumper/Twenty-One

The Bumper/Twenty-One is a dual-single by producer/recording artist Dennis DEZO Williams. It is released by Dezo Williams new label MUSICFAMILYFUN, as the second dual-single in Dezo’s new 2019 single series.

The first song “The Bumper” is a hard-knocking Hip Hop instrumental with traces of Trap and Electronic music. This song plays as an undiscovered hit record for any top Hip-Hop artist such as Travis Scott, Cardi B, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, or J. Cole. This high-energetic instrumental has different levels of throughout that take you on a wild ride and comes to a full blown burst of energy in it’s final moments that could lead anyone into a bouncing frenzy and inspire stage dives and mosh pits at every concert, festival or club.

The second song “Twenty-One” totally flips the script and brings you into a dusty, smokey underground basement full of rusty instruments and a hypnotizing aroma of vintage vinyl records. Dezo creates an hardcore underground instrumental that sounds so moody and vintage you would swear it was an undiscovered gem from the breakbeat era that could be sampled for classic records by artist such as Wu-Tang, Ghostface, Action Bronson, or Westside Gunn and Griselda Records.

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