Synikall f/ Lady Sanity, Stanza Divan, & Selina Jane – Push Fwd (Video)

Social change is now: Synikall speaks out on society’s issues in new music video ‘Push Fwd’.

UK rapper Synikall drops the official video for his latest single, Push Fwd. 

The track addresses important social issues facing today’s youth.

Flying the flag for the West Midlands hip hop scene, Brummie rapper Synikall has released his latest video, and it’s a movie-like experience! Taken from his Fusions of Grandeur and released by Melee Recording Group, ‘Push Fwd’ takes us on a journey through the UK’s streets and calls for social change – while keeping our heads nodding with an infectious beat and flows to match.

“I wanted to encourage more conversation around prominent issues that are being ignored or pushed aside at top level. Today’s youth are facing a st-load of problems that are not being address and need to be talked about”. – Synikall

A worthy conversation piece, which is symbolised in the video by tape over a youths mouth and the issue they face written across it – but in true Synikall style, the importance of the message is nicely packaged with a bouncy baseline, epic keys, neck-breaking drum kicks and undeniably catchy flows. Push Fwd follows on from his previous social commentary ‘Friends With Benefits’, and calls on fellow UK emcees Lady Sanity, Stanza Divan and vocalist Selina Jane to provide a well-rounded, thought provoking banger – which really is the essence of hip hop music.

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