Meek Mill & The Game Squash Beef, Record Music

Meek Mill and The Game have ended their at one point, nasty beef and hit the studio together.

According to TMZ, the two spitters recently got together to collaborate on new music — this is after The Game officially announced their two-year feud was over.

Meek flew out to L.A. last week to record a new song for Game’s forthcoming (and last) album. Our sources say the get-together proved to be super productive … not just musically, but in repairing their once-fractured relationship. The Game and Meek chopped it up and even had a good laugh over the 2016 beef … which seemed nasty at the time.

If you’ll recall … Game thought Meek had ratted him out to Sean Kingston after Sean was robbed one night in the summer of ’16 at an L.A. nightclub they’d all attended. Game says Sean told him Meek claimed Game was behind the robbery … which Meek denied.

It was basically a case of he said, he said and he said … and in the midst of all of it, some harsh diss tracks were exchanged between Game and Meek.

But now all that hostility is over … so look out for their new collab to drop in the near future.

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