Sony To Drop R. Kelly

Looks like Sony won’t have R. Kelly to kick around anymore … by their own volition, as the embattled singer and his current record label have reportedly split after an 8 year partnership.

This move most likely comes on the heels of Lifetime’s scathing docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, which detailed his past predatory trangressions with the female gender, from the victims themselves.

Since inking a deal with Sony in 2010, Kelly would release 5 albums and a greatest hits compilation. He reportedly had two albums left on his most recent contract. 

As was reported earlier this week, RCA/Sony put¬†Kelly’s new music on hold, through public pressure was likely too much for the label to endure, as one demonstration involved a plane flying over the Sony Music offices in Culver City, equipped with a banner that read “RCA/SONY: DROP SEXUAL PREDATOR R. KELLY.”

Despite the new, neither Kelly nor Sony have released an official statement, but he has been removed from the official roster list on RCA’s website.

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