Evidence of Residency Found in R. Kelly’s Chicago Studio

Police are at R. Kelly’s recording studio in Chicago, and while it has nothing to do with the allegations put forth in Surviving R. Kelly … it is related to potential illegal activity.

The issue appears to be Kelly’s studio being used as a residence. TMZ reports that Chicago PD showed up there Wednesday afternoon with the Cook County Building and Zoning Department. The B & Z is there because the building is only zoned for industrial use, so if anyone is living there … that’s a no-no.

Police typically accompany the Building Dept. on such matters … and officers did NOT go just because it’s Kelly’s place. BTW, the singer reportedly owes a ton of back rent — $166k — and is facing eviction before the month’s end.

Obviously, the sight of police swarming Kelly’s crib immediately made people think an arrest was going down.

A spokesperson for the City of Chicago said that officials who searched R. Kelly’s studio Wednesday did, in fact, find building code violations, including evidence that the space was being used for residential purposes.

Officials also discovered work that had been done inside without approved plans or permits. The spox tells us the city will file an amended complaint against R. Kelly for a future court hearing.

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