R. Kelly Feels His Ex-Wife Has Turned His Daughter Against Him

R. Kelly is making sense of his daughter’s powerful condemnation of his behavior — and he believes his ex-wife cooked it all up, despite the fact he’s been estranged from their child for years.

According to TMZ … the R&B singer isn’t upset with Joann Lee Kelly for breaking her silence and calling him a “monster,” because he thinks his daughter was only parroting her mother, Drea Kelly’s views. He feels Drea’s brainwashed all 3 of their kids into hating him.

Rumor has it that Kelly loves and misses his kids, but he seems to be ignoring the reality — that he has no relationship with them — and hasn’t for some time now.

Kelly did have a musical collab in 2015 with Joann, who is a talented singer — but he thinks Drea drove a wedge between them after that, because she was furious Joann had been in the studio with him.

Drea brought their kids to an R. Kelly concert in Atlanta a couple years ago, but since then he’s had little contact with them, and he has no clue why things switched up. 

However, anyone who’s seen Surviving R. Kelly knows exactly how Drea feels about her ex … and it ain’t good. Worth nothing, Drea told us earlier this month she’s open to Kelly reaching out to the kids because they’re all adults now and free to make their own choices. 

Joann seems to have made her feelings extremely clear, but her father seems to want their relationship repaired. 

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