RedRum – Pitchfork (Video)

RedRum is the Orlando-based duo of Red Eye and Racks, who together deliver straight-up fiery Hip-Hop in their new video/single, Pitchfork.

The chilling and lyrically sharp track stems from their forthcoming EP, Murder In Reverse, and serves to highlight the multiple talents of its creators. In addition to delivering hard-hitting verses alongside Red Eye, Racks also produced the entirety of the project. And on the exceptionally haunting “Pitchfork,” he and his collaborator spit acidic rhymes aimed at their enemies and each bar is bursting with clever punchlines and quotable boasts.

We may actually get see one of those enemies in the single’s visuals, which were directed by the duo along with Angus Prospere, and edited by OUC Films. The video centers on a well-to-do man getting ready to spend some private time with his favorite lady. At least, that’s how things appear at first, and things quickly go south during their encounter when another guest joins the party.

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