Joey Majors – Maserati Dreamin (Album)

Entrepreneur and music affiliate Joey Majors is sharing his farewell album Maserati Dreamin as he wraps up his musical journey. Majors, a prosperous businessman in music, has had the chance to work with any and everyone that’s involved in the business, learning the ins and outs of the game. The album, inspired by Vegas nightlife, serves as his final farewell chronicling his journey through the music industry. 

Majors displays his finest work on the album recruiting the best of the best to deliver his final project. Highlights of the project reside in the production and features on the album. Among his lineup of producers, Majors recruits the likes of Bink!, as well as Merc Beatz, his longtime friend and co-executive producer of the album. The album also features multiple appearances from artists such as Friday Knight, Journalist, Rellion, and a special feature from the late, great legend Prodigy of Mobb Deep, one of Majors’ favorite artists growing up.

Amongst the rest of the album highlights are tracks like Off the Books, a remix of Big Pun’s classic song featuring his son Chris Rivers and Major, assisted by Ryan Toby who’s an incredible writer credited with writing songs off Usher’s hit album Confessions.

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