Offset’s “Take Me Back Cardi” Flowers Went for $15,000

Offset’s latest attempt to win Cardi B back with an assist from an elaborate flower arrangement was as ineffective as it was pricey.

According to TMZ, the “Take Me Back Cardi” roses that Offset presented to Cardi during her Rolling Loud set this weekend came from Venus ET Fleur — famous for their real roses that last a year — with a price tag of $15k.

The arrangement consisted of 2,000 stems of roses. What’s interesting … the order was called in at the last minute. It took 8 people to assemble it in time for the gig.

Unclear if Offset personally called in the order … but considering Cardi’s publicist, Patientce, was in on the plan to get him up onstage, it’s possible she’s behind it.    

The price tag for the flowers probably was nothing to Offset — or whoever ended up cashing out. Still … sucks that these pretty petals went to waste. Cardi kicked Offset offstage. 

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