Cardi B Gets Deposition Date in $15 Million Lawsuit with Former Manager

Cardi B will have another day in court, as she’s now got a date with attorneys for the ex-manager she’s suing for $15 million.

According to docs obtained by TMZ, Bardi has been ordered to sit for a deposition on March 12th. She’ll be testifying about her legal battle with her ex-manager, Shaft. As was reported, he sued her in April, claiming he made her the star she is … only to see her cut him off, financially. Shaft sued her for $10 million.

Cardi didn’t take it quietly, and fired back with a countersuit for $15 million … and claimed Shaft overstepped the bounds of a manager. In docs, she said he tried to control every aspect of her professional life, and also her relationship with Offset

The court had agreed to delay her deposition back when she was pregnant, but now it’s the time to do this.

Also, there’s a good chance Offset will be deposed for the case as well. No date set for him yet, but it’s mostly likely sometime before April 2nd.

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