Young Hoosier – I’m Grinding (Prod. By E. Smitty)

With heavy influence from the west coast and midwest, rapper Young Hoosier delivers a straight banger over an E. Smitty-laced instrumental entitled I’m Grinding. Describing the hunger and passion he puts behind his music, he pays tribute to the westsiiiide, sunny days and blue skies.  Trai Jones PKA “Young Hoosier” grew up in Indianapolis, IN, in the heart of the “Land” on 29th and Raider. 

Without many options to escape the troubled surroundings he gravitated towards music as an outlet.  Recently he linked with Atlanta beat wizard E. Smitty to embark on a musical journey which has an album in the works.  A truly veteran style spitter, Young Hoosier’s rhyme flow and patterns melt right into the production, give you a great feel good vibe.  With a fan-base on the rise, the brand continues to grow, so take a listen to truly authentic West Coast-inspired anthem “I’m Grinding.”

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