Bhad Bhabie Throws Drink At Iggy Azalea During Fashion Nova Event

Bhad Bhabie has embroiled herself in some new female rapper beef and her opponent is Iggy Azalea after throwing at drink at her during a Hollywood Party.

Video surfaced of Bhabie going nuts on Iggy Wednesday night inside Boulevard3 in Hollywood, where Cardi B was holding a Fashion Nova event. You can tell she was ready to pounce because the second she saw Iggy, she unloaded a full cup of clear liquid.

It was immediate bedlam … sorta. Iggy’s crew started jawing back and Bhabie’s security held her back. They couldn’t stop her from running her mouth, though, like any 15-year-old would do to a 28-year-old.

The genesis of this beef is when Iggy initiall talked smack on social media, saying who would even go to one of Bhabie’s shows. Of course, teenie rapper fired back saying Iggy should so she could remember what a sold-out show looks like.

Bhabie was still fired up when TMZ “caught her outside”, and she insisted “ain’t nobody worried about that f**kin’ hoe!!”

As for Iggy — she was totally the adult, saying she hopes it wasn’t alcohol Bhabie threw because “she’s a little kid.” She also insinuated Bhabie’s age is the only thing saving her from a can of whoopass.

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