Tekashi69’s Brooklyn Home Raided by The Feds, Gun Found

Tekashi69‘s Brooklyn home was raided by federal agents Friday and said turned up a gun.

According to TMZ, Tekashi was not home during the time of the raid, and it’s unknown what prompted the search, or who the gun discovered in the home belonged to.

Interesting enough, Tekashi was already in the process of moving out of the Brooklyn home that was raided, and had not been in the house for several weeks. The only people who have been in the house lately have been movers and cleaners, and possibly friends and associates.

Tekashi¬†hasn’t been in NY much over the last several weeks, instead chilling with Kanye West and getting teeth done in Colombia, and of course stomping concert goers in Russia.

The raid was a joint effort, done by federal agents and NYPD.

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