RIM f/ DJ Rachi – Stay Stoned (Video)

After recently taking part in “The Heist,” Brownsville rapper RIM is celebrating his getaway with his drug of choice in the new video for Stay Stoned, featuring cuts by Dutch 2006 DMC Champion, DJ Rachi.

Considering the high drama that was chronicled in his previous visuals, it’s only right that the emcee gets an opportunity to kick back and enjoy the lighter side of life. And he does exactly that while spitting about his admiration for weed both at home and at the 2018 NYC Cannabis Parade.

In addition to being joined by DJ Rachi on the scratch hook, RIM is joined by a host of like-minded rappers and celebrities during his exploits at the festivals. Captured by Mo Stafford for 4MyFamEnt, the video features cameos from Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Real One, Lord Digga, and even former NY governor hopeful (and legal marijuana advocate), Cynthia Nixon.

The track itself stems from a double single produced entirely by Big Ape, the Amsterdam producer known for his jazzy, boom bap instrumentals. He more than comes through with a fire production here, just as he did for The Heist.

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