Katt Williams Not Cooperating with Investigator in ATL Club Gun Incident

Katt Williams ain’t no snitch so he’s been quiet with cops over his confrontation with an armed man … so the chances any charges will be filed are slim to none.

TMZ reports that the investigation is still open, and police have reviewed surveillance footage as well as the video we obtained showing radio DJ Wanda Smith‘s husband, LaMorris Sellers, coming at him with a gun in hand outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater.

Investigators have reached out to Williams for more info, but he’s not getting back to them. They even went to his house to talk … but no luck.

On top of that … footage of the incident outside the club and neighboring grocery store doesn’t show Sellers pointing a gun at Williams — like Katt originally claimed.

So even if the comedian came forward to press charges … there’s probably not enough evidence to move forward and charge Sellers. But, it’s pretty evident Katt’s not cooperating … so the case won’t go anywhere.

As was reported … Sellers admitted he had a gun on him but denied ever pulling it on Katt, instead claiming it fell out of his waistband while he was chasing him.

Both Wanda and her hubby say Williams is the one who instigated the confrontation in the first place.

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