Lil Wayne’s Sports Agency Sues Frank Mason III for Money & Chain

Lil Wayne signed then Kansas point guard Frank Mason III to his sports agency as was getting ready to be drafted, which included a YM chain. Now they no longer do business together … and Weezy wants the chain back.

How we got here, was that Mason III signed to Weezy’s Young Money APAA Sports Group back in April 2017, right before the NBA Draft, where the Sacramento Kings would take him in the 2nd round.

As part of the deal, YM gave Mason $40,000 as an advance and  agreed to pay his pre-draft expenses ($52,000), and gave him up with an $11,000 diamond Young Money chain.

Stipulations in the contract stated that if Mason III ever left the agency, he had to repay the money and give back his jewelry.

So in April 2018, toward the end of Mason’s rookie season, “at the urging of a former YM employee,” he fired YM Sports Group, but never gave back the stuff, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports.

Now, Young Money is asking the judge to force Mason to pay the money owed, the chain, and, damages.

If you were curious, Mason III’s contract paid him $1.3 mil last season and will make around the same over the next 2 years, he isn’t exactly raking in the dough.

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