G Herbo Says Chance The Rapper Has Done More For Chicago Than Kanye West

Kanye West has seen his influence in his hometown of Chicago wane over the years, as he’s become more “Kardashianized”, and some of his younger contemporaries have taken notice. Namely G Herbo, who asserts that Chicago’s Chance The Rapper has done more for the Windy City than Ye has.

During a recent appearance on Complex’s Everyday Struggle, as he promotes his forthcoming project Swervo, the he rapper spoke up about Chance The Rapper’s influence in Chicago, which includes him constantly putting Chicago on his back with everything he does, whether it be music, charity, and even buying city centric website Chicagoist.com.

In the recent interview, Herbo said that Chance has done more for Chicago than Kanye West or Michael Jordan, praising Lil Chano for the positive things he’s done in his career to give back to the city.

“[Chance] done stuff for Chicago that nobody done. That Kanye, Jordan, nobody’s done for Chicago what Chance done.” He said, “Things that we never seen done. Just to be part of anything that he apart of already is a blessing alone.”

Herbo added that people are lobbying for Chance to run for Mayor right now. Herbo also praised his own efforts, along with Vic Mensa.

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