Friends & Family Blindsided, Hurt by Faith Evans/Stevie J Wedding

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In a plot thickening made for reality TV, the sudden marriage of Stevie J and Faith Evans didn’t just take the world by surprise … their loved ones and close friends were blindsided as well, and to be expected … they’re not happy about it.

According to TMZ, family and friends were never given a heads-up marriage was even a possibility. Not a peep or even a hint of a wedding. As a matter of fact, Faith was scheduled to be in L.A. getting ready for a London trip, and Stevie was just in Atlanta filming Love & Hip Hop, so the Vegas rendezvous/wedding floored everyone.

As a result, there are a lot of hurt feelings among those close to the couple … especially their kids. Faith’s son, CJ Wallace, her child with Biggie Smalls, is especially upset … because he’s also Stevie’s godson.

Family sources on Faith’s side say that she told them Stevie J went to her Tuesday and told her they needed to get married that day. The sources think Stevie J knew if Faith started telling friends and family she was marrying him, they would talk her out of it.

After finding out, friends and family members were blowing up Faith’s phone Wednesday, asking her why she did it. Her response? A song she just recorded with Stevie J called, A Minute with the explanation, “it only took a minute to fall in love.”

As was reported, the two newlyweds jumped the broom in their hotel room around 10:30 PM Tuesday. It’s his first marriage and her third. With the amount of hurt feelings however, the couple shouldn’t expect any wedding gifts.

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