G2 f/ Eliana – Best Friend

Oakland-based rapper G2 presents “Best Friend”, his new single produced by Beat Boxerz. “Best Friend” marks G2’s return to the music scene after some early successes inadvertently spurred him to reevaluate his intentions. “My music started to pick up speed, and I suddenly became more commercial than I planned to be. I started making music that I thought the fans wanted to hear, rather than being the kind of music I made from the heart. I almost quit because I wasn’t really doing my own thing. Recently married, I’ve entered a whole new world of dreams and challenges.” G2’s new single features Eliana, the daughter of a close friend of his, who inspired the tune. “Do you remember your best friend when you were 6? I do, and she was the best. We always had tons of fun, lots of laughs, and were very loyal to each other. And when a close friend in my recent life told me his 7-year-old daughter was a singer, and I heard her sing, she reminded me so much of my best friend when I was 6. The memories came flooding back. And so did the sudden inspiration for this song.”

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