LHHA’s Tommie Lee Arrested Again for Disorderly Conduct

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie Lee is once again in trouble as she’s been arrested once again. TMZ reports Tommie was busted early Monday morning in Atlanta outside of the Royal Peacock club after a cop told her to get out of the roadway where he was directing traffic. She allegedly ignored his instructions and got belligerent to boot.

What may have led to her arrest is that cops say Tommie struck a nearby valet working for the venue in the head, and that’s when officers made their move to detain her. The valet didn’t want to press charges, but with cops already present, she was arrested anyway and booked her for disorderly conduct while under the influence.

It’s unclear what cops think she was on, but booze could spell big trouble, as in, jail time for Tommie. That’s because 2 months ago a judge ordered her to wear an alcohol monitoring device, and stay out of trouble.

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