03 Greedo Misses Flight To Prison, Eventually Turned Himself In

03 Greedo failed to appear in court Wednesday to turn himself in for a 20-year prison sentence and that’s because he missed his flight out of Los Angeles.

Greedo’s supposed to spend a couple days of his sentence at the Potter County Detention Center in Amarillo, Texas. The trouble started when he missed his original flight to Dallas, which made him miss his connecting one to Amarillo.

The rapper was smart about it, though, as according to TMZ, he was in contact with prison officials the minute he touched down in Texas, letting them know about the delay. By the time he landed in Amarillo, law enforcement was waiting to take him to Potter.

The judge had issued a bench warrant for his arrest after Greedo was a no-show, which is standard protocol.

The rapper had a farewell concert two nights ago in L.A. where he proposed to his girlfriend, which may have something to do with him missing his flight.

He’s serving the 20 years for drug and gun charges.

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