Dame Dash Calls Lee Daniels A “Culture Vulture” over $2 Million Debt

Damon Dash says Lee Daniels had no problem asking him for money and exploiting his good nature, but it’s different story when it comes to reciprocity, and Dame’s sick of it.

The Roc-A-Fella co-founder was on TMZ Live today, where explained that Daniels is now millions in the hole to him after making 2 movies, 2004’s The Woodsman and 2005’s Shadowboxer.

According to Dame, Daniels promised him he’d get his money back no matter what, but just blew him off, which led to Dame’s first lawsuit against Daniels in 2014. As was reported, they struck a settlement deal, but Damon tells us Lee’s sticking to his “culture vulture” ways … and still hasn’t paid up.

Before he filed a new suit, Damon confronted Lee at a Diana Ross concert about getting the shaft money-wise and Daniels appeared to agree, but not enough to please Dame and keep their issue out of court.

Dash is suing Daniels, again, this time for $5 million.

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