Lil Wayne Settles Lawsuit With Birdman/Cash Money/Universal

Looks like the long legal drama betweeen Lil Wayne and Birdman is over, as the lawsuit has officially settled between all parties, including Cash Money and Universal.

The Blast reports that according to court docs, Weezy’s lawyer Howard King, filed a notice on May 23rd that all sides are ready to dismiss the lawsuit. It appears that Cash Money’s parent company, the aforementioned Universal, cut a big check to settle the suit and none of the money came from Birdman. So did Wayne get the $51 million he was asking for? Not even close, but it was apparently “well over $10 million.”

Universal motivation for settling, was their belief that they will recoup the profits from Drake and Nicki Minaj going forward, another aspect of Wayne’s lawsuit.

As part of the settlement, Lil Wayne is no longer an artist on Cash Money and his long awaited album Tha Carter V will now be released by Universal.

This seemed to be the final piece of Wayne and Birdman’s reconciliation, as the two have been seen partying in Miami in recent months, with Wayne reverting to the two publicly referring to one and other as “father and Son”.

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