Drake’s Alleged Baby Mama One of Many Who Have Made Claim

Drake has proverbial “binders full of women” who have hit him with claims of paternity and there has never been a “credible claim” until now. But the baby’s looks raise doubts.

According to TMZ, a bunch of women over the years have claimed that Drake is their child’s sire … even women he says never had sex with him. Other women who have had sex with him have pressed such a claim, and he’s always held this claim … if there’s proof he’s the dad, he will fully support the child. None of the prior claims have proven true.

So enter Sophie Brussaux. Drake’s people initially dismissed her claim, saying, “This woman has a very questionable background. She has admitted to having multiple relationships. We understand she may have problems getting into the United States.”

Drake and his people held that position until well after her baby was born, causing Sophie to call him a “deadbeat ass dad.” It was after that where something changed Drake’s mind and he came to believe he could well be the father, even without a DNA test. As was reported, he’s paying her support.

Now the reason a DNA test hasn’t been performed to this point is because he’s traveling all the time, and she’s mostly overseas. They say they’ve been told they have to be in somewhat close proximity for the DNA test, but insist it will happen.

His people still question if he’s the dad, saying the child has blonde hair and blue eyes, but then again, so does his mom.

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