PENPALS – Up To the Sky (prod. by Quelle Chris)

New York rap three-piece PENPALS are on a whole other level of existence with their latest single, “Up To The Sky,” a psychedelia-laced burner produced by Quelle Chris off their highly anticipated new album, To Whom It May Concern.

For those unfamiliar with the buzzing trio, the PENPALS are made up of two rappers (Cynic The Apache and Rapswell) and a producer (Squires) who have been delivering mind-melting Hip-Hop for the past few years. However, it’s this latest project that serves as a culmination of their passion for the genre—and for turning it completely on its head.

PENPALS embrace their otherworldly leanings throughout “Up To The Sky,” a track that dissects and references a variety of philosophical and spiritual beings. But instead of getting lost in a discussion of a higher power, Cynic and Rapswell use the subject matter to their advantage by delivering brain-twisting bars that include “Summon Cthulhu huffing glue out of a paper bag” and “We the sound of the shocking behavior/ Shaving whispers off my face with Occam’s razor.”

The single is a fitting follow-up to their previously released video, “Hi Tech,” in promotion of TWIMC. Directed by Ryan Nocella, the visuals center on the conspiracy theory-soaked rhymes of Cynic and Rapswell, whose tin foil antics take them to a number of unrecognizable, bunker-esque locations. It’s a trip, and one that even further encapsulates the PENPALS’ m.o.

Both “Up to the Sky” and “Hi Tech” are now available through all digital retailers, and can be purchased for instant grat off the iTunes pre-order for the full length release of To Whom It May Concern, which is due out next Friday, June 01. The 13 track LP, in available now for pre-order via Brick Records.

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