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the9lements Presents: “The Whole 9” w/ Swigs McLane

The Whole 9 trips it down I-95 to Atlanta to chop it up with artists Swigs McLane, who has a single out titled My City. Check out the interview below, and for more, hit him on Twitter and Instagram.

the9elements: How did you get your stage name?

Swigs McLane: My big homie Jay up in Brooklyn blessed me with that actually. We were talking shit one day and he is known for saying some off the wall funny shit. He just called me that off the cuff. I was looking for a name to go by at the time so when he said it I was like that’s dope and it’s unique, let me get that. He just made me promise I would pay him in pounds of weed when shit blow.

T9E: What made you decide to become a rapper?

SML: I can’t even really say it was something I necessarily wanted to become, I was just amazed with the way words could be used growing up, the different ways you can put pieces together just really caught my attention. I had some partners of mine that I grew up with and they were always cold with the rap shit.

It was just normal to catch freestyle sessions, talk shit and have debates on who was better among us. I was always kind of chill on it, but I started writing here and there and I would spit my shit and get dope reactions from it. Beats just started getting thrown at me and I was hooked.

T9E: What’s the first rap song you ever heard? Describe the moment.

SML: Dope question, but I can’t even remember what the very first song was. If I had to guess it was probably some Atlanta So So Def Bass All-Stars type shit. But the one that I distinctly remember being able to really decipher and feel was NaS’ The World Is Yours. My mama brought it home on some history of Grammy hip hop compilation CD and I just played it, it had some old LL on there and everything. I was blown away, those were probably the first lyrics I ever memorized. I played the shit out of that disc.

T9E: How did “My City” come together?

SML: I had been playing with that idea for months and it just happened one day. My big bro, OG Cutty, who is on the 2nd verse of the song said the hook in one of his verses years ago when we first started hitting the studio. I always fucked with that line heavy, but I really didn’t have the beat I wanted to fit the hook.

I got a beat that I was just really using to freestyle over every now and then and one day I just said the hook over it. I hit Cutty like, “you feel like catching a session today? I’m rocking with this hook for the way this beat breaks down, its only right that we fuck with it.” I hit the homie Lousy Brown and told him we were trying to hit the studio and he’s always down to rap. We hit the studio, bounced ideas, cut shit up, freestyled the verses and laid the vocals for the hook and that was it.

T9E: What are your predictions for 2018, for your own music and for Hip Hop at large?

SML: Hip Hop is in an amazing space and has been for a while. Niggas stay complaining about the “wack” shit but its so much “dope” shit out there happening as well. My campaign is stop the slick hating shit 2018. I’m just proud to see it keep growing and maturing.

Me and my team working over here though. 2018 is shaping up to be a good one, and I predict it’s going to keep getting better. My EP Elevated Midstate is available everywhere now and that’s the foundation for what I’m about to do next. My main goal is to just keep growing as an artist and an individual and make music people can enjoy and ride out to.

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