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Jim Jones Involved In Fight Outside Club Over Selfies

Jim Jones and his security team came to blows with an angry mob, and it looks like the whole brawl started over, of all things … selfies.

Capo Status was taking pics with some fans, mostly female, early Sunday morning after hosting at Club Zone in Springfield, MA. That’s when a crowd of men gathered and got into it with Jim’s security.

After some yelling back and forth, one guy remembered he packed a lunch and tried to deliver a knuckle sandwich, which led to all hell breaking loose. Police showed up, but everyone, to quote Slick Rick, everyone, “broke the hell out like they had the chicken pox.” TMZ reports no one was arrested, and no ambulances were dispatched, but video evidence showed that some may have benefited some assistance.

Security did what they are paid to do, as Jim came through without a scratch, and even didn’t even partake in the fisticuffs, but he did have to hold him back at one point.

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