Kanywe West Seperates Himself With Scooter Braun, Seems Erratic

Kanye West has parted ways with much of his management team, and people close to him say he seems a little erratic. According to TMZ, Ye gave his team an ultimatum, work with him full-time or not at all. The various members of his team, including his lawyers and manager Scooter Braun, weren’t up for playing ball. Scooter has a million irons in the fire and working for Kanye full-time is out of the question.

Kanye has said he wants to be bigger than Apple. Problem is, various people who have been interacting with him say he’s hitting teetering off the edge. They’re quick to point out he’s not having the kind of meltdown he had in November 2016, but they say he’s acting erratically.

Kanye plans to do everything in-house, at least with respect to his music career and he’s still on good terms with Braun and they will continue doing business together. Scooter’s company helped Kanye launch his super successful partnership with adidas.

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