6ix9ine’s Crew Under Investigation over Shooting At Casanova’s Music Video

Another one of 6ix9ine’s crew members are under police investigation for a shooting in which two men were hit, both with ties to 69’s rival, Casanova. TMZ reports Casanova was filming a music video in Bedford-Stuyvesant Thursday when at least ten shots were fired at the crew. Two men were hit with bullets, but are expected to make full recoveries.

Tekashi and Casanova have a long-standing rivalry. On Saturday night, both crews were in attendance for the Adrien Broner fight at Barclays Center and had a scuffle in an arena hallway. Cops say one shot was fired during the scuffle, and they believe the shooter was an unidentified member of Tekashi’s crew.

Police believe the Broner incident was a continuation of Thursday’s violence. They have not yet named any suspects, but the case is under active investigation.

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