O.T. Genasis Was Shocked by Beyoncé’s Coachella Dance to “Everybody Mad” (Video)

O.T. Genasis says he had no clue Beyoncé chose one of his songs to include in her epic Coachella performance, and his reaction showed as much. Genasis spoke to TMZ while on the road Tuesday about Bey’s headlining gig, during which she did a full-on dance to his 2017 single, Everybody Mad. He wasn’t at Coachella, because he’s actually on tour himself, but he said his phone started blowing up, as people flooded his phone bee emojis.

What excites Genasis is that Beyoncé didn’t just throw his song in the background as transition music, she used it as a crucial part of her performance, meaning she had given it a lot of thought and time in rehearsal. In other words, Bey clearly digs the song.

Her performance has also boosted streams and sales for Everybody Mad too, so more reason to be happy. TMZ also asked him what his first thought was when he heard Beyoncé had plugged him at Coachella, and his answer is unedited, as they had to bleep it on TV.

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