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Justin Bieber Cleared In Coachella Party Fight

Justin Bieber won’t face any criminal charges for punching a man, who was allegedly choking a woman, because the guy’s not pressing charges, and cops can’t confirm if Bieber threw the punch. TMZ reports cops responded Saturday to an altercation involving Bieber at a Coachella party. Cops say the man told them Bieber was involved, but they couldn’t find any other witnesses who said Bieber got into it with the guy.

Furthermore, the man does not want to press charges; so, cops consider the matter closed. Officers were only responding for the Bieber incident, as no report of choking was given, so the guy Bieber punched was also not arrested.

As was reported, Bieber punched the guy after he allegedly grabbed the woman by the throat and would not release his grip. Once he tried to intervene, the guy told him to “Go f*** yourself.”

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