Cardi B Hires All of Beyoncé’s Fired Back Up Dancers For Coachella

Cardi B went on a hiring spree just days before her Coachella performance, and which included a bunch of Beyoncé’s fired backup dancers. According to TMZ, Bey fired about 20 of her backup dancers earlier this week. It’s unclear why Bey axed the dancers, but maybe it’s because she’s got plenty to spare. A dozen or so of those backup dancers hit up Cardi’s team to get into her highly-anticipated Sunday show.

Cardi actually already had 16 backup dancers when the new crew came calling, but she also liked the idea that more dancers makes her set look even more grandiose. The plan is now to hire 4 to 5 of Bey’s ex-dancers, and confidence is high they’ll be able to nail the choreography in time.

The set should be a huge spectacle. Cardi recently said she put down about $300k of her own money to cover production costs, but we’re told costs swelled to as much as $450k. Oh, and Cardi won’t be hiding the baby bump.

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