Little Vic – Loosies 2 (Album)

Given his proclivity for crafting head-spinning rhymes and dusty Boom bap beats, it’s no surprise that Little Vic was asked to join underground heavyweights Apathy and Celph Titled on their latest tour. And to celebrate this jaunt, the Long Island native has put together a collection of new fire and previously released heat in the form of, Loosies 2.

In terms of his pen game, the 16-track compilation showcases the many sides of Vic’s skill set—something he sets out to do with every song he writes. “I am a lyric nerd. I pay attention to all the tricks of the trade. To be considered an emcee’s emcee is the ultimate goal,” he explains. He adds that he knows there are many different weapons an artist needs to be a top lyricist, so he hopes Loosies 2 fully showcases his arsenal.

To say that Vic meets his goal would be an understatement, and you hear that immediately on the bonkers opening track, “White Devil.” Whether he’s tying together crazy wordplay, or spitting tongue-twisting bars, Vic stomps all over his own instrumental like he has something to prove. And he doesn’t let up for a second, particularly when he goes full beast mode over two Buckwild-produced joints on “Industrial Grade” and “History Is Written.”

There’s a good reason for all this, and it goes beyond his clearly high level of talent—Vic never stops creating. “I write everyday, and if I’m not, making a couple of beats a day,” he says, adding that his “producing side lives in my soul as much as writing and rapping does.” That’s evident throughout, but particularly on lead single “HAARP,” a slapper built on intricately layered sample and ill-as-f*ck drums.

Loosies 2 is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, through Vic’s own imprint, Orena Records.

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