Main Flow & Mil Beats – Taking Chances

Main Flow and Mil Beats announced their new album, Sound Of Silence. On their new single, Taking Chances, Mil is joined by musicians Nick Fissette and Richard Rousselet at the trumpet, Alex Scorier and Johnny Dover on the sax, and Eric Pontille on the drums. So, “Music Please!”

Sound Of Silence will be out everywhere on April 27th and will also be released on vinyl (limited edition of 300 copies numbered on 3 different colors), CD (limited edition of 300 numbered copies) and cassette (limited edition of 50 numbered copies).

01 From Cincinnati (US) to Rosarito (Mexico) [cuts by DJ Odilon]
02 Taking Chances
03 Nothin To Loose
04 Master Of Disguise
05 Rappers Delight Part. 1 [cuts by DJ Odilon]
06 Already Dead
07 No Time To Waste (feat. Reks & Fel Sweetenberg) [cuts by DJ Odilon]
08 Sound Of Silence (feat. Ania)
09 Rappers Delight Part. 2
10 Stash Dough [cuts by DJ Odilon]
11 Sky On The Street

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