Lil Wayne & Birdman Privately Trying To End Feud


Lil Wayne and Birdman’s most recent cumbaya moment at LIV Nightclub in Miami was nothing out of the ordinary for these two, because they’ve been working on ending their feud for months now. According to TMZ, the $51 million lawsuit between them is still very much on, but they’ve managed to separate that from their personal relationship, because, “they’re family and that’s bigger than money.”

The two has spoken several times over the past few months, and although it’s no longer the father-son relationship they used to have, they ARE making an attempt to squash the beef.

As for Sunday night’s embrace at LIV, Wayne had a section reserved downstairs, while Birdman was upstairs. Neither knew the other was there until DJ Stevie J shouted them out. Stunna’s son, Bryan Jr., came down and said “hello” to Weezy first, before Wayne stopped by Birdman’s table where they hugged it out.

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