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L.A. Rapper 03 Greedo Viciously Disses Tupac

Young rapper Lil Xan sure enough stir the pot of controversy during an interview with REVOLT, where he called Tupac’s music “boring”, which lead to several rappers voicing their displeasure, including Waka Flocka, who banned him from Hip Hop. Looks like Xan isn’t the only one willing to put Pac in that rarefied air of legend.

That’s because during an interview with Billboard, Los Angeles rapper 03 Greedo gave his views on Makaveli, and let’s just say, made it extremely clear in the realest way possible. “It is, though,” replied Greedo, when asked about Xan calling 2Pac’s music boring. “Do they need a n***a who can really rap to tell you? Tupac sucks, n***a. Any type of East Coast, West Coast beef, n***a’s from the East Coast. He’s delusional.”

Greedo continued with his blunt comments, saying, “he’s a great actor. Part of his music s**t was acting. But n***a, I got to go to court on Friday, I got a whole metal leg, I’m really from the projects. I really got my ‘hood on my face. My first major project is called The Wolf of Grape Street, the gang I’m from. He didn’t even say nothing wrong. Tupac was a b**ch ass n***a. I’m a gangsta n***a. What I say goes. I don’t give a f**k if I’m wrong.”

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