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Jazz Fresh – I Apologize (Video)

South Philadelphia emcee Jazz Fresh presents the Randy Boehm-directed video for I Apologize, the Spply N Demand-produced single from Don Of The D League, Jazz’s new album on Marsten House. It was directed by Randy Boehm.

When asked about the motivation behind the track, he said, “The day 4:44 dropped the whole hood was calling me. Everyone in South Philly was like ‘Yo! Jay Z stole your song!’ I didn’t even hear the album yet. I called Steve and he had got a couple calls too. People asking him if Jay Z stole my song or if I stole his. We had dropped the I Apologize acapella months before 4:44 came out and I had been performing it in Philly and New York almost a year before that. I knew Jay had the rep for stealing from artist so after listening to it over and over again we put this little clip together comparing the two and mad people reached out.

So I called a lawyer and now they doing what lawyers do. I remember watching this video of all the times Jay stole lyrics from people and Gillie was just on TMZ saying Jay got him too. It’s one of those things you never really think about till it happens to you. Apologize” is me in my most honest and vulnerable form. I touched on everything from having sex with my cousin and eating pork on Ramadan. Being jealous of Beanie Sigel and being a bad parent.”

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