Trey Songz Assault Accuser Asking Judge For Restraining Order


Trey Songz could be legally blocked from going near the woman who claims he assaulted her, if her attorney has her way. TMZ has learned the woman’s attorney, Lisa Bloom is going to court Tuesday morning, asking a judge for a restraining order on behalf of the woman who claims he struck her during NBA All-Star Weekend.

As was reported, the woman says she and Trey were at a Hollywood party when he hit her in the face out of jealousy because she was talking to another man. According to docs filed by Bloom, Songz choked her client, then began punching her in the face several times until she fell to the ground and he continued striking her until security pulled him off her. The woman says Songz was hitting with such force it was as if 2 men were fighting. She says she suffered bruises to her face and hand.

The woman also says she was trying to get away and called an Uber, but Songz grabbed her cell phone and threw it down a hill. She says she had a second cell phone, but did the same thing with that one. The woman filed a police report and went to the hospital just after the incident. Cops are still investigating.

She says she works in the nightclub industry and Songz frequents some of her clubs and she’s scared of him, which is why she’s filing the restraining order.

Songz’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, tells TMZ, “Trey has not spoken with Ms. Buera nor has he attempted to speak with her since the night of the gathering.” According to people connected to Songz, the woman has tried reaching out to friends of Trey since the party, but they did not respond to her.

Holley says there were witnesses present at the party who dispute the woman’s account.

Bloom tells TMZ, “We are taking this step today to protect my client’s right to peacefully live and work, and we will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement’s investigation of this serious matter.” He added, “We are asking just one of them with a conscience to reach out to us and tell us what they saw.”

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