Lil Wayne Order To Take DNA Paternity Test


Next time we see Lil Wayne maybe on Maury, because he’s about to find out if he’s the daddy of a kid where the mom is 1000% sure he’s the father. Weezy was ordered to submit to DNA paternity testing to determine once and for all if he fathered a son with Keiotia Watson. As was reported, Keiotia filed legal docs in 2015 to establish paternity and get child support.

Keiotia claims she had a sexual relationship with Wayne in 2001. The child, Dwayne Brown, is now 16. Wayne has denied he had a sexual relationship with her. But a Louisiana judge ruled in her favor and ordered Weezy to fork over $5k a month, but he never paid up, claiming he was never served with legal papers. The previous judgment was tossed and a new trial’s been ordered.

Wayne has 4 kids with 4 different baby mamas, so we’ll see if it’ll be 5 for 5.

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