6ix9ine Has Video Shoot Shut Down by NYPD


Rapper 6ix9ine came face-to-face with cops for the 2nd week in a row, this time NYPD put and end to his music video shoot.

The BK rapper was trying to shoot in Brooklyn Tuesday and had his crew in place, and several hundred people in the streets of the Crown Heights neighborhood. One big problem though, he did not have a valid permit for the production, according to TMZ.

So the NYPD came in on the location for a couple of reasons. The first being the large crowd. Word got out when he promoted the shoot on social media, and the masses swarmed the area. Cops on the scene told 6ix9ine it was a dangerous situation, because some of the responses online included threats to beat him up.

It’s pretty much been a thing since that he begged people to “test his gangsta” awhile back. Even if the Brooklyn crowd had been pro-6ix9ine, the lack of a permit would have gotten him shut down anyway.

Cops did take him to a local precinct, for his safety, not to arrest him. His people would pick him up there.

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