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the9lements Presents: “The Whole 9” w/ Paid Duez


For our latest installment of “The Whole 9”, we chop it up with St. Petersburg, Florida-bred New York-based rapper Paid Duez. His most recent single Barry Sanders is out now, and it also features a video. Check out the interview below, and for more on the artist, check him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

th9elements: How did you get your start rapping?

Paid Duez: It was when i was in middle school, 15 years old in math class. I remember writing rhymes when I had the chance, and then one Christmas my little sister received a Karaoke recording machine which came with two microphones plus a cassette tape recorder. I begin making recordings in my room rapping on top of instrumentals recording music. Took it seriously and started recording in an actual studio.

T9E: What advice do you have for upcoming rappers?

PD: Just stay focused, humble yourself no matter what happens or what you may go through. Always make sure to continue writing music regardless of what you’re going through in life and in music.

T9E: Tell us about St. Petersburg, as a place to live and as a hip hop scene.

PD: St.Pete is St.Pete. It’s a place of its own, as a place to live it’s still home and as a Hip Hop scene it’s talent in St. Petersburg the scene is okay. A little slower pace, but mos def a Hip Hop scene.

T9E: Barry Sanders has a celebratory kind of vibe. What inspired it?

PD: To be up there with the best inspired it.

T9E: What are your thoughts on Trump, one year into office?

PD: I don’t get into politics. As a president I just hear this and hear that about him. Trump’s one year in office been a roller coaster. I have seen protest after protest against him.

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