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6ix9ine Still Performing In San Antonio Despite Threats

6ix9ine is used to receiving gang threats, so getting them in San Antonio has him unfazed. The multi-color haired rapper is still scheduled to perform at Bar 23 Thursday night, at least according to a manager there, but he is upping security due to a threat from San Antonio’s Tango Orejon gang.

Purported members of the gang posted a Facebook video Sunday, telling 6ix9ine he’s banned from their city and would get “f***** up” if he shows his mug.

The gang threat refers to a sex crime 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to in 2015, involving a minor. Prosecutors say he was recorded groping a nude 13-year-old girl. As the gang members put it, “Penitentiary rules are in effect.”

TMZ reports the club’s main goal is to keep everyone at the venue safe, and to get 6ix9ine in and out without incident. The manager also said they’ve notified local police about the threat.

As for 6ix9ine, he seems to be going forward with his tour, unfazed. He was just in Dallas Wednesday night, and teased his performance in San Antonio.

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