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Meek Mill Says Cop Who Arrested Him Was Dirty, Wants Conviction Overturned


Meek Mill wants out of prison immediately because the Philly police officer who busted him has a history of making dirty arrests. The officer in question is Reginald Graham, who arrested him in 2007 for drug possession. Meek has been on probation ever since, and is also why he’s currently in prison for violating said probation.

But according to docs, obtained by TMZ, Graham’s testimony against Meek should be thrown out, because another officer, Gerold Gibson, says Graham lied when he said Meek pointed a gun at him. Gibson says Meek merely took a gun out of his waistband to discard it, according to the docs. He also says Graham lied about Meek resisting arrest.

Meek’s legal team is raising the issue due to a recent Philadelphia Inquirer report about a list of Philly cops with a history of lying, abuse and racial bias. The report claims Graham frequently stole money during arrests and beat up suspects.

In the docs, Meek says Graham admitted to a fellow officer he’d roughed up Meek during his arrest, and wants his conviction thrown out due to Graham’s track record, which would set up an argument for him not being on probation and deserving immediate release from prison.

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