Planet Asia & DJ Concept – Seventy Nine (Instrumentals)

With the two year anniversary of his imaginative collaborative album with Planet Asia fast approaching, Long Island producer DJ Concept is pleased to share the instrumental version of 2016’s acclaimed Seventy Nine LP. If you have no idea what this project is, Seventy Nine is a concept album that follows a tightly constructed story created by both artists. It’s essentially the audio version of a road trip, and now it’s fueled solely by DJ Concept’s meticulously crafted productions and ear for melodies.

“After dropping the LP, I got a lotta good feedback on the production, so I thought it’s only right we supply the world with the instrumentals,” said DJ Concept. “It’s like letting people behind the curtain if you will. I’m hoping listeners can catch the same feeling I got when I was crafting these beats for Asia.”

The New York beatsmith weaves together incredibly catchy cuts on The Festival and Gold Vases, the latter driven by addictive piano keys and hard-hitting drums. Elsewhere, things get a bit more contemplative on the soulful International and Sacred Sermons, while The Expo delivers low-key funk and Fresh is certifiably, well, fresh thanks to its sing-along vocal sample and upbeat rhythms.

There was already a lot to love about Seventy Nine in its original format, but now with the instrumentals, listeners have another way to dig into what makes this one of the best releases in DJ Concept and Planet Asia’s respective catalogs. Are you can freestyle over them.

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