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Meek Mill’s Lawyer Called a Liar By Judge Genece Brinkley’s Lawyer

Meek Mill’s latest legal woes have seen judges accused of unethical biases, court clerks panhandling for college tuition, and other wild things. You can add lawyers calling other lawyers liars to the list of wacky things to happen, as embattled judge Genece Brinkley’s Lawyer is accusing Meek Mill’s liar of not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Judge Genece Brinkley is threatening to sue Meek over bogus claims his legal team made, accusing here of attempting to extort favors from the rapper, and Wednesday on TMZ Live her lawyer A Charles Peruto Jr. defended his client, saying there’s now a court transcript that proves they’ve been lying all along, and Meek’s lawyer is nothing more than a “circus clown.”

Peruto says Meek and co. have gone too far by trying to fight Meek’s legal battle in the street instead of the court room, including having the Governor call and try to sway Brinkley’s decision.

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